Art & Nature

It was the love of Nature that brought Annibale to this place 50 years ago,


and not only has that love never abandoned him, it has also nurtured every choice and every day that has passed in this little piece of Land, enriching our life here with its generosity. If in the 80's and 90's the love of horses was the backdrop of Nostravita, it then became the lively curiosity about the entire Val d'Orcia that directed Annibale's every step.

The enriched knowledge of the Territory led him to create naturalistic collections and spaces dedicated to the dialogue with the extraordinary Land that hosts us, all of this in a profound synergy with art. Art is without doubt another great passion and expression of NostraVita, which is channeled above all via Annibale, Carlotta and Agim in works in wood, iron, paper, fabric... stone.

Since 2016 through the Artists' Residences, we have been hosting artist friends who, knowing us fall in love with NostraVita and with whom we are happy to share a part of the journey and whose works we jealously guard as they further enrich our small world every year. For this reason, we never fail to have our visitors discover them as they walk through the vineyards and the art workshops, visiting the unique Library and the "Stanza delle Meraviglie" (Room of Wonders), which are all vital expressions of the character and personality of NostraVita.