About Us

NostraVita, a name, a vision and a destiny...

NostraVita was born in 2000 when Elena and Annibale decided to plant two hectares of vineyards around the house at the edge of the woods. Up to that point Nostra Signora della Vita, the name Annibale gave to the property, was the "only" residence of our family. We grew up immersed in nature on this small plot of land at the edge of the Val d'Orcia, which was acquired in 1970. The horses, the woods, the explosion of Scotch broom in summer and the silent snowfalls in the winter punctuated the life of our young family.

Witness to this small corner of the world for almost 200 years is the Big Oak, which, thanks to its tremendous energy, indicated to young Annibale where to build the house. Its forked trunk is present on every label, in the red V that stands out in the name NostraVita, as a perpetual reminder of its origins. NostraVita is situated on a hill that is 520 meters above sea level south of the town of Montalcino, with a microclimate and soil that is perfect for the cultivation of Sangiovese grapes.

After many years of technical and managerial experience in the world of wine at prestigious, local wineries, Annibale, encouraged and supported by Elena, decided to produce a small number of bottles of Rosso and Brunello in a symbiotic energy exchange with the land that he had chosen 30 years before to raise his Appaloosa horses and bring up his three daughters.

Annibale, deeply passionate about nature and local history, sometimes an original and versatile artist, produces wine the way he has realised his every other project: with sincere and spontaneous dedication and care in the details, total respect for nature and its rhythms, welcoming with gratitude the peculiarities of every harvest as a gift to be savoured with every sip.

Since 2010 he has been supported by Agim with filial love and exceptional dedication in the work in the vineyards and cantina...and in art. To observe them at work together is to understand immediately the intense understanding that allows them to operate as though they were one, perfect and experienced mechanism. Agim knows each vine individually and he cares for them every day. His vital intelligence and manual skill, which have also become artistic over the years beside Annibale, unite with his tireless determination in caring for NostraVita with immense love.

Carlotta, the third daughter, has looked after hospitality and communication for NostraVita since 2019 while following her personal, artistic journey at the same time. After years of illustration and sculpture, she is now exploring natural pigments, botanical tinctures, collages and artistic notebooks.

Since 2022 we have been assisted and supported by Niccolò, a young and talented Tuscan agronomist who has found a second family in NostraVita where he is able to express his passion for and competence in the world of wine. Even though he is the newest arrival he is already immersed in the many aspects of NostraVita, from the most agronomical part through hospitality to the artistic and cultural aspects, experiencing it all with invaluable curiosity and enthusiasm.

The rest of the family participates in the winery even though some, like Valentina ed Elena, do it in a more reserved manner from behind the scenes, while Jiuditta e Jianfranco watch over every dawn that illuminates NostraVita with infinite love.

The youngest Matilde, Dario, Agnese ed Elia, can be found studying under the Big Oak, in the treehouse, hunting for mushrooms in the woods or fishing in the stream. By now they are also experts at choosing the best grapes for our wines during the harvest.

And to lighten our days in which Beauty is the backdrop of generosity, the sweet lagotto Krug, joyfully welcomes every new guest to whom we will recount our history with gratitude.